About Permie Emmy


Emmy Jenkins is a permaculturist with a passion for building permanent culture through the use of regenerative systems thinking. Once finished with her schooling, Emmy travelled extensively, experiencing a wide variety of cultures and communities, noting the general worldwide need to employ the permacultural ethics of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share to tackle the socio-economic and environmental issues that have led to worldwide disempowerment.

Through observing patterns in nature and utilising the design principles available through the permaculture toolkit, Emmy now designs regenerative systems that start from the bottom up. From tackling agricultural and water management systems, to designing social and economic structures, Emmy uses methods of energy cycling to help people to create self-sufficient settlements, leading to empowered communities of people who can work together toward fair share economies to give back to the Earth and to maintain a well-balanced and happy lifestyle. Emmy’s major interest lies in building regenerative and sustainable social and economic systems that help lead to rejuvenating the world around us through people working together and caring for each other.

Emmy’s background has afforded her the ability to gain extensive experience across a plethora of platforms, enabling her to integrate an array of perspectives into her designs and to dip into a myriad of industries. Her breadth of diverse life episodes has enabled her to address her permaculture designs with an arsenal of broad skills and knowledge, pulling from various occupational arenas to create well-oiled systems for more efficient management. From sales and marketing to hands-on farm management, from customer service to content writing and academic research, from business planning and implementation to blockchain, Emmy believes that considering all aspects of a working system is the key to creating interconnected, regenerative ecosystems that thrive and grow in their natural surroundings to benefit all the elements involved.