Collaboration is the backbone to building community. Through working together, we can share skills, knowledge, and passion, which enables us to help each other realise our visions.

My work mostly looks at being able to create the social and economic aspects of permaculture. While I have spent time working on the physical parts, I tend to thrive in the co-ordination of social, business, marketing, and economic areas.

Project Consultancy

Are you heading a sustainable project and struggling with some of the more key economic or social aspects? Perhaps you’re not sure how to turn a profit or structure your staff. Maybe you are having trouble with team morale or budget control or you need investors to springboard your ideas.

While I’m happy to get my hands dirty and there’s no place I’d rather be than the forest, I am here to lend a helping hand to those who need assistance in the more abstract concepts behind running a sustainable project. As permaculture seeps further into the economic, political, and social realms, it is becoming increasingly clear that we need regenerative ways to structure and promote ourselves and our businesses, along with closed-loop systems designs for our people. Feel free to contact me in regards to both.


Due to my recent focus on economic structure, I have expanded into offering incites in the blockchain and cryptocurrency. My background in marketing and communications has lent itself nicely to helping this industry understand the importance of appealing to the wider audience and to propagating the need for the general public to understand the revolutionising capability of this technology. The concept of Transition Economics doesn’t run too far away from this industry, which has encouraged me to jump in whole-heartedly with both feet.

In this sense, I tend to extend my consultancy mostly into areas of marketing and business structure. From writing whitepapers to advising on marketing, from looking at the developmental structure and business plans to approaching investors, I am available to assist in a variety of ways with upcoming blockchain projects, most especially those who help to improve the public domain.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form to talk about how we can collaborate or email me at