Permie Entrepreneurs Are Go #3

Welcome back to my series on regenerative entrepreneurship. I hope the resources I’ve been feeding you so far are helping you to grow, and providing you with some useful insights into how to better plan your own startup.

This week, I’d like to provide you with some mentorship from some of the world’s top entrepreneurs who’ll share the lessons they’ve learned from their lifelong learning journeys they’ve taken, as well as drumming home some important messages about habit forming and scheduling – whether it be a personal calendar or a cut flower garden.

Enjoy this week’s insights; I hope they’re useful.

Self Care

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life by Ramit Sethi (Chase Jarvis LIVE)

Ramit Sethi is a financial wizard, entrepreneur, an straight-talking systems designer. He built himself single handedly on systems that help to automate his life and manage his finances and is now out to teach others to do the same with his companies GrowthLab and I Will Make You Rich. This podcast goes into depth about the habits you should be using as an entrepreneur to take better care of your personal life, which will leak over into your professional life, leading to more positive results. From working out to writing a calendar, Ramit talks about what works for him and his clients, giving great actionable tips for you to follow in your own life.

Lessons from Ramit Sethi

  1. Get a Calendar – If you don’t plan your life, life will plan it for you. Make sure to build in active time for your future goals.
  2. Use systems not goals – If we design systems that help us to complete tasks automatically to achieve our visions, we’re more likely to succeed – rather than relying on our willpower.
  3. Eat. Sleep. Work out – Take care of your body as this is the vessel that nutures your brain!

To get more insights from Ramit Sethi, check out his book I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Entrepreneurial Strategy

Lessons from Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio, and Other Icons by Tim Ferriss


For those who don’t know Tim Ferriss, he’s an inspirational thinker who tries to influence his students into thinking more effectively in systems. By using other mentors, aside from himself, he creates an environment for his listeners and readers to learn actionable business strategies to better build themselves into more comprehensive entrepreneurs. This podcast gives you the pleasure of hearing lessons from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, from Tony Robbins to Richard Branson. Tim Ferriss asks them to explain the commonalities of those that succeed, along with real life lessons they’ve learned in their own work. This piece is a great snapshot into the minds of some of the most successful business gurus in the world, told in very humble and simplistic anecdotes.

Lessons from the Experts

  1. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes – This is a great mantra by Tony Robbins, who is explaining that patterns happen over and over, but not necessarily excatly the same. You need to look for the echos of what seems similar to before.
  2. Successful people are incredible listeners – Chris Sacca makes the great point that those who listen hard learn more, while also not tipping their hand.
  3. Audacious goals, Realism, and Determination – Ray Dahlio gives his three steps to success, which involving dreaming big and being unconventional, dealing with reality by learning better processes from assessing mistakes, and by being determined.
  4. Focus, Learn, Practice, Apply – Derek Sivers gives this great 4 step process, honing in on the importance of practicing your art but also going out and putting it to the test.

For more goodies from Tim Ferriss, you should join his free weekly newsletter here.


Business Opportunities Growing Cut Flowers by Benny Pino (on Permaculture Voices)


Benny Pino of Loblolly Farm has turned to exclusively growing cut flowers. In this podcast, he discusses the intricacies of such a business model, providing insights on where to target your market, how best to corner the audience you do have, and how to better boost profits optimising the potential market you have around you. From understanding seasoned scheduling to comprehending how to best position your products, Benny Pino delves into the hurdles he’s faced, as well as providing small and large-scale solutions to suit those who are considering entering a non-veg based model of agricultural production. He also gives great tips for anyone wanting to add cut flowers as a side hustle.

Lessons from Benny Pino

  1. Go back to the books – Anyone who wants to get into flower production exclusively needs to understand that it is extremely technical.
  2. Side hustlers can use plug-and-play – If you want to add flowers to your side hustle, use easy-to-grow favourites like sunflowers and other summer annuals which are much more forgiving.
  3. Leverage seasons – Selling bouquets at markets can turn a pretty penny, but a wedding can bring you a season’s worth of farmers’ market profits in one day.

If you’d like to support Diego Footer’s Permaculture Voices podcast, you can head here.

Hope that gives you something to get your brain stuck into!

Permie Emmy x

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